A collection of early and unreleased works from the late Micheal Larsen aka Eyedea. Many of the tracks here are early versions of what would later become re-worked full length tracks on First Born and Oliver Hart, and newer material for the next Oliver Hart project. Only a glimpse at the genius we lost but a reminder as well that he was a truly gifted artist.

Compiled by his mother, the description from her and Crushkill Records reads as follows: ”’The Many Faces of Mikey’ is so named for two main reasons. 1. I wanted to get you the snippet of the Oliver Hart Mikey had been working on before he passed. He was so happy with the directions he was going and loved working with Jeremy. 2. Mikey, like all of us, has many faces, all of us choose to show them to many or a few. In here you will find the humor, or love. I would like to thank all who have helped, worked, gave advice, supported, and contributed to the project. Love, Kathy.”

Tracks 1 & 2 are by Sixth Sense (the project of Eyedea and Abilities in their teens). Tracks 3-11 are ”Oliver Hart Shit.” Tracks 12 & 13 are identifed as ”New Stuff / Snippets.” Tracks 14-16 are listed as Carbon Carousel Demos (Micheal Larsen, Casey O’Brien, Jeremy Ylvisaker and JT Bates as the group, Carbon Carousel). And tracks 17-21 are remixes.

01. Sixth Sense – ‘Ode To Hip Hop’
02. Sixth Sense – ‘Rain’
03. Weerd Syed
04. Red Balloon
05. The Walls Came Tumbling Down
06. Drive To Doolittle
07. Pillow Case
08. The Breaks
09. Walking
10. Life…
11. Step By Step
12. Nothing (Unfinished)
13. Perfect, Speechless, Pointless (Unfinished)
14. Carbon Carousel – ‘Sunspots’
15. Carbon Carousel – ‘Savior Simplex’
16. Carbon Carousel – ‘Excess Marks The Spot’
17. Step By Step (Remix)
18. Motormouths Anonomous
19. Everything’s Cool As I Float Downstream
20. Quality Programming
21. Lines