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April 2024

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  1. “After The Rain” by John Coltrane from the album Dear Old Stockholm features Coltrane’s soulful saxophone playing. Known for his innovative approach to jazz and deep emotional expression, Coltrane’s performance on this track is both reflective and powerful. The track includes contributions from Elvin Jones on drums and Jimmy Garrison on bass, creating a rich and contemplative sound.
  1. “26-2” by John Coltrane from the album Coltrane’s Sound is a complex and energetic piece showcasing Coltrane’s mastery of the saxophone. The track features McCoy Tyner on piano, Steve Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. 
  1. “Alabama (Live At Birdland Jazzclub, New York City, NY, 10/18/1963)” by John Coltrane from the album Live At Birdland is a poignant and powerful composition. Coltrane’s performance reflects his response to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. The live track features McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums, capturing the raw emotion and intensity of the moment.
  1. “Deep River Blues” by Mason Stoops and Adam Levy from the album Kibi Dango! is a modern take on a traditional Doc Watson song. Stoops and Levy’s guitar work blends seamlessly, creating a rich, layered sound that is both contemporary and rooted in blues tradition. Their intricate fingerpicking and soulful melodies make this track a standout.
  1. “Time After Time” by Lachuné from the album Time After Time is a soulful rendition of the classic song. Lachuné’s vocal performance is expressive and emotive, bringing new life to the familiar melody. The track features a sparse piano arrangement that complements her powerful voice. I am an absolute sucker for this song. This is an astounding rendition.
  1. “Oh Yeah” by Los Lobos from the album “This Time” showcases the band’s blend of rock, blues, and traditional Mexican music. The track features David Hidalgo on vocals and guitar, Cesar Rosas on guitar, Louie Pérez on drums, Conrad Lozano on bass, and Steve Berlin on saxophone. Their energetic and eclectic sound is captured beautifully in this performance. Produced by Tchad Blake.
  1. “Ko” by Kofi Anang from the album Safarini in transit: Music of African immigrants is a vibrant track that blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary influences. Anang, a master drummer, leads the ensemble with his dynamic percussion, creating an engaging and rhythmic soundscape.
  1. “Cameroon: The ‘Water Drum’ (Excerpt)” by Baka Pygmy children from the album Musical Sources captures the unique sound of water drumming, a traditional practice of the Baka people. The track features rhythmic patterns created by striking water with the hands, producing a distinctive and mesmerizing sound.
  1. “Imaginary Time” by John Scofield from the album “What We Do” features Scofield’s innovative guitar work. Known for his contributions to jazz fusion and improvisation, Scofield is joined by Bill Stewart on drums and Dennis Irwin on bass. 
  1. “The Boss’s Car” by John Scofield from the album Flat Out is a funky and energetic track. Scofield’s guitar work is complemented by Anthony Cox on bass and on drums and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums. The trio’s chemistry and Scofield’s rhythmic creativity make this track a standout.
  1. “Thikhathali” by The John Scofield Band from the album Up All Night features Scofield’s signature blend of jazz, funk, and rock influences. The band’s tight performance and Scofield’s dynamic guitar work create a high-energy track that is both complex and accessible.
  1. “Mystic Brew” by Vijay Iyer, Stephan Crump, and Marcus Gilmore from the album Historicity is a reinterpretation of the classic jazz-funk tune. Iyer’s piano, Crump’s bass, and Gilmore’s drums create a rich, textured sound that pays homage to the original while adding a contemporary twist.
  1. “Blues for New Orleans” by Duke Ellington from the album New Orleans Suite is a tribute to the city’s rich musical heritage. Ellington’s piano work is complemented by a stellar ensemble, including Johnny Hodges on saxophone and Cootie Williams on trumpet. The track captures the spirit and energy of New Orleans jazz.
  1. “One Finger Snap” by Kenny Barron, Charlie Haden, and Roy Haynes from the album “Wanton Spirit” features Barron’s intricate piano work, Haden’s solid bass lines, and Haynes’ dynamic drumming. The trio’s interplay and improvisational skills make this track a highlight of the album.
  1. “Flim” by Aphex Twin from the album Come To Daddy is an electronic track that blends complex rhythms and melodic elements. Aphex Twin, known for his innovative approach to electronic music, creates a soundscape that is both engaging and thought-provoking.
  1. “Hit Or Miss” by Odetta from the album Odetta Sings showcases her powerful voice and folk-blues style. The track features Odetta’s soulful vocal performance, accompanied by acoustic guitar and subtle instrumental arrangements that highlight her expressive delivery.
  1. “Stakes Is High” by De La Soul from the album Stakes Is High is a seminal hip-hop track that addresses social and political issues. The group’s thoughtful lyrics and innovative production, featuring contributions from J Dilla, make this track a classic in the genre.
  1. “Stella By Starlight” by Chet Baker from the album The Best Of Chet Baker Plays features Baker’s smooth trumpet playing. Known for his lyrical style and emotive performances, Baker delivers a beautiful rendition of this jazz standard.
  1. “These Are They” by Bill Stewart from the album Telepathy is a jazz composition featuring Stewart’s dynamic drumming. The track includes contributions from Seamus Blake on saxophone, Bill Carrothers on piano, and Ben Street on bass. Together, they create a rich and engaging sound.
  1. “Hermeto’s Daydream” by Medeski, Martin & Wood from the album Notes from the Underground is a track that blends jazz, funk, and experimental elements. The trio, consisting of John Medeski on keyboards, Billy Martin on drums, and Chris Wood on bass, delivers a performance that is both adventurous and cohesive.
  1. “1972 Bronze Medalist” by The Bad Plus from the album Motel features the trio’s unique blend of jazz and rock influences. The Bad Plus, consisting of Ethan Iverson on piano, Reid Anderson on bass, and David King on drums, is known for their innovative approach to jazz. This track showcases their dynamic interplay and creative arrangements.
  1. “Scatter” by Human Feel from the album Scatter is an experimental jazz track featuring the collective’s avant-garde approach. The group includes Chris Speed on saxophone, Andrew D’Angelo on saxophone, Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar, Jim Black on drums, and Joe Fitzpatrick on bass. Their improvisational skills and unconventional structures make this track a compelling listen.
  1. Slow Press” by Ceux Qui Marchent Debout from the album La La Lalalala is a funky brass band track. The French ensemble, known for their energetic performances, combines elements of funk, jazz, and world music. The track features driving rhythms and catchy horn lines, creating an infectious and upbeat sound.