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PaviElle • Fear Not

Fear Not, presents the captivating work of innovative, potent and dynamic neo-soul singer PaviElle French, and represents her much anticipated return to performing after a five year hiatus.

In the past, PaviElle has taken the stage professionally as a vocalist, singer songwriter and spoken word artist, working with Khalil Queen, Everyday People, and as an early member of EduPoetic Enterbrainment, a group integrating  spoken word, R&B, jazz, reggae and hip-hop. Her new endeavor is a musical collaboration with bassist, producer and composer Casey O’Brien and presents ten years of her songwriting, all of it deeply personal and autobiographical.

“It’s like you’re opening up and reading my diary,” PaviElle says. “’These songs are my life, the ups and downs of it all.”

In the new recording PaviElle says she’s committed to “honoring the black aesthetic in soul music,” something she fears her generation (she’s 29) has abandoned.

“With the millennials, that black soul music appreciation seems to be gone,” PaviElle says. “And that bothers me. I grew up wanting to be Chaka Khan. That’s the sound and style I loved. I want to hold up that lineage that she carried, and that Aretha carried and also groups like Parliament.”

Indeed, PaviElle’s sound often has the faint flavor of Sly and the Family Stone, or seems to draw on the influences of little Jose James, and Rufus—with the soulful feel of Bill Withers occasionally evident in the groove.

“It definitely has the 70′s R&B feel,” says O’Brien. “It’s a close album, it draws you in and keeps you in that space. You’re taken into the room. There’s no excess baggage. You’re hearing real musicians actually playing together.”

PaviElle hails from St Paul’s Rondo neighborhood, growing up in a family steeped in music. As a devoted music connoisseur, her father introduced her to a wide variety of sounds, her uncle, George Young, played saxophone for Purple Haze, her mother played saxophone as well and her actor/playwright brother Ahanti Young is an accomplished percussionist and performs with her on the new record.

For Fear Not, she strayed only a couple miles from her old neighborhood, recording at St Paul’s Bellows studio with O’Brien on bass and guitar, Ted Godbout on keys, Nick Dodd on drums, Bryan Highhill on trumpet and Tony Beaderstadt on trombone.

While the sound the group captured was vintage, PaviElle brings her own personal style and passionate energy to her singing, making for a fresh sound that’s uniquely her own. She says she always has a way she wants her songs to “swing,” and it’s this free-style emotion, in the scatting and vocalizing, that brings a millennial’s heart-born, contemporary vision to a classic soul music sound.


I had the great pleasure of producing, playing bass and guitar on this album and got a chance to sit down and talk with PaviElle about her process:

What is your songwriting process?

I don’t really have a songwriting process. A melody or a bass line usually comes to me out of nowhere and then I just go from there. I create the: Bass line, beat, lyrics, chords. In that order.

Who would you consider a major influence?

I have several major influences but only three come to mind: Chaka Khan, Ella Fitzgerald, Parliament/Funkadelic.

How has the success of the band and the recent play affected you?

The success of the band and my one-woman show has affected me in a huge way. I am overwhelmed…with joy, and also with sadness because I wish I could share this with the people that raised me. But, overall I am motivated to continue pushing and, I am highly inspired to create more art.

What is coming up next (album, tour, play, ect…)

What’s coming up next? Not quite sure. I have a lot of ideas, one being that I plan to remount the show, “Runnin’.” I feel that more people need to see art that provokes them to think as if there were no box. And, I would like to write and produce another album…maybe for a 2016 release. I work with kids and, would like to see my junior class graduated next year so,  I would like to keep playing venues and creating a following until I feel its time to get up out of here in the next year or so.

What are you listening to right now?

Prhyme, J. Cole and,  Kandace Springs. (and of course all things old school).


PaviElle will be playing @ Icehouse on Saturday, February 21st @ 11pm.
Tickets available here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1220263


Fear Not

01. Runnin’ (P.French/C.O’Brien)
02. I Miss You (P.French/C.O’Brien)
03. Logic and Reason (C.O’Brien/T.Godbout/N.Dodd)
04. Disbelief (P.French/C.O’Brien)
05. Strange Plane (C.O’Brien/T.Godbout/N.Dodd)
06. Sometimes You Wanna Be (P.French/C.O’Brien)
07. Dreams (S.Nicks)
08. Aftertheafter (C.O’Brien/T.Godbout/N.Dodd)
09. Be Right There (P.French/C.O’Brien)
10. The Breakup Song (P.French)


PaviElle – Vocals
Ted Godbout – Keys
Nick Dodd – Drums
Ahanti Young – Percusion
Bryan Highhill  – Trumpet
Tony Beaderstadt – Trombone
Casey O’Brien – Bass and Guitar

Produced By Casey O’Brien
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Krinsky & Graham O’Brien @ Bellows. St. Paul, MN.
Mastered by Huntley Miller @ HM Mastering.



PaviElle – Vocals
Ted Godbout – Keys
Nick Dodd – Drums
Ahanti Young – Percusion
Bryan Highhill  – Trumpet
Tony Beaderstadt – Trombone
Cole Pulice – Saxophone
Casey O’Brien – Bass and Guitar

Produced By Casey O’Brien
Recorded by Alex Proctor @ Icehouse. Minneapolis, MN.
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Krinsky & Graham O’Brien @ Bellows. St. Paul, MN.

Video by PCP