Wanda Davis’ recording debut came about more than 40 years ago. Accompanied by the Soul Sensations – a group that later changed their name to Haze – the record featured her soaring takes on “Save Me” and “Take Care.” Since then, her lone release on St. Paul’s Project Soul label has become one of the regions most sought after 45.

This new recording marks her long awaited follow up. From the beginning, the pulsating tremolo of Blair Krivanek’s guitar sets an ominous tone, while the ghost notes played by drummer Eric Foss add a mysterious layer to this somber funeral-like march. Once that stage is set, Wanda breaks her 40 plus year silence to deliver a haunting rendition of the folk standard, “In The Pines.” Even after all this time, Wanda still dazzles and effortlessly ascends to her upper registers. As the foreboding horns lead the story to its conclusion, the only thing left to do is lift the needle and drop it down at the beginning for another listen.