Monthly Mixtape / March 2024

  1. “Babilonia (with Riccardo Barbera)” by Rednaks from the album Babilonia (with Riccardo Barbera) features Rednaks’ unique blend of electronic and acoustic elements. Riccardo Barbera, an accomplished bassist, adds a rich, melodic layer to the track, enhancing its rhythmic complexity and depth. The collaboration between Rednaks and Barbera results in a vibrant and dynamic musical piece. More Info:
  2. “Delfeayo’s Dilemma (2023 Remaster)” by Wynton Marsalis from the album Black Codes (From The Underground) (2023 Remaster) showcases Marsalis’ exceptional trumpet playing. Known for his virtuosity and dedication to jazz, Marsalis leads an ensemble featuring Branford Marsalis on saxophone, Kenny Kirkland on piano, Charnett Moffett on bass, and Jeff “Tain” Watts on drums. There is no shortage of ink about Wynton. His opinions are polarizing to say the least. But wholly shit, he can play. This album hits so, so hard. Marsalis’ virtuosic trumpet playing and the tight interplay of his quintet are absolutely undeniable.
  3. “Mr. Day” by Scott Colley from the album This Place is a reflective jazz composition featuring Colley’s nuanced bass playing. Colley, an acclaimed bassist and composer, is joined by a stellar lineup including Chris Potter on saxophone, Bill Frisell on guitar, and Brian Blade on drums. The ensemble’s synergy and Colley’s expressive bass lines create a contemplative and engaging take on the Coltrane classic. I came across this song on Bob DeBoo and Reuben Rogers’ Upright Citizens podcast. I believe this album will get heavy rotation in the coming months.
  4. Hard Heart” by Cassie Kinoshi and seed. from the album BalletBoyz: Bradley 4:18 features Kinoshi’s innovative saxophone playing and the dynamic energy of the collective seed. Known for blending jazz with Afrobeat and classical influences, Kinoshi and seed. deliver a powerful and emotionally charged performance. The track’s complex rhythms and rich harmonies reflect the ensemble’s unique sound. Formed in early 2016,  seed. (formerly known as SEED Ensemble) is a Hyundai Mercury Award 2019 nominated ten-piece ensemble led by composer and alto-saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi. A dynamic group of musicians pushing the boundaries of contemporary jazz, seed. merges influences from various musical traditions to create a unique sonic experience.”
  5. “Thing 1” by Many Things from the album First things First. 2022. This upbeat, funky track features a catchy hook and showcases the band’s tight grooves and improvisational skills. From their Bandcamp Page: “Many things is a cross genre instrumental trio based in Chennai, India featuring Maarten Visser (saxophone), Aravind Murali (bass) and Manukrishnan(drums). Many things combines a variety of musical styles such as jazz, rock, classical and funk and delicately treads the fine line between composition and improvisation.” This album is worth repeated listens. 
  6. Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa” by Bill Frisell from the album Bill Frisell (with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones) features Frisell’s distinctive guitar work. Joined by legendary bassist Dave Holland and iconic drummer Elvin Jones, Frisell delivers a performance that blends jazz, blues, and folk elements. The trio’s interplay and Frisell’s innovative guitar techniques make this track a standout.
  1. “Garvey’s Ghost” by Max Roach from the album “Percussion Bitter Sweet” is a powerful piece featuring Roach’s groundbreaking drumming. The track includes contributions from Carlos Valdes on percussion, Carlos “Totico” Eugenio on vocals, and Abbey Lincoln on vocals. Roach’s complex rhythms and the ensemble’s dynamic performance create a compelling and socially conscious piece.
  2. “Infant Eyes” by Turtle Island Quartet from the album Confetti Man is a beautiful interpretation of Wayne Shorter’s classic composition. The Turtle Island Quartet, known for their innovative approach to string quartet repertoire, brings a fresh and emotional depth to the piece. Their intricate arrangements and expressive playing highlight the quartet’s versatility and musicianship. 
  3. “Afrique” by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers from the album The Witch Doctor [Bonus Track Version] (Hd Remastered Edition) features Blakey’s driving rhythms and the tight ensemble playing of The Jazz Messengers. The track, infused with African musical influences, showcases the talents of Lee Morgan on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on saxophone, Jymie Merritt on bass, and Bobby Timmons on piano.
  1. “All Around” by Sturcz String Quartet from the album Miniatures for String Quartet is a contemporary classical piece showcasing the quartet’s precise and emotive playing. The Sturcz String Quartet, known for their interpretations of modern and classical repertoire, delivers a performance that is both technically impressive and deeply moving.
  1. “Allaqi (2009) for String Quartet” by Archytas Ensemble, featuring Dale Barltrop on violin, David Gillham on violin, David Harding on viola, and Ariel Barnes on cello, from the album Marcus Goddard: Chamber Music for Strings. This piece by Marcus Goddard is a captivating work that blends contemporary and classical elements. The Archytas Ensemble’s performance is marked by their cohesive interplay and rich tonal quality, bringing Goddard’s intricate and evocative composition to life.