Casey O’Brien

Musician Casey O’Brien has spent the past 17 years exploring sounds as a bassist, producer, composer, and collaborative performer, demonstrating his wide range of musical creativity across multiple platforms.

O’Brien, resident bass player for the Minneapolis based-indie label Secret Stash Records, performs regularly in the soul ensemble Sonny Knight & The Lakers, with Neo-Soul songstress PaviElle and improv-group Coloring Time. O’Brien also leads various jazz and R&B ensembles based in the Twin Cities.

Casey has appeared on over 30 recordings and his discography includes notable albums with with The Valdons (Secret Stash), Eyedea (Rhymesayers),  Kristoff Krane (Crushkill Recordings), No Bird Sing (F.I.X.), PaviElle (Anthrophonic), Wanda Davis (Secret Stash), Adam Svec (Drawfire), Carnage (Fill in the Breaks), Sonny Knight (Secret Stash)TD Mischke (Independent) and Face Candy (Rhymesayers), among many others. He has released remixes under the upcoming record label F.I.X., as well as with Kristoff Krane.  His work in film and video includes the score for “The Place Where We Were Born” by Minnesota Book Award Winner, Kao Kalia Yang.

Live Examples:

October 3 2013 @ Icehouse MPLS.
Tommy Barbarella // B3
Chris Beaty // Guitar
Noah Leavy // Drums
Casey O’Brein // Bass

Casey O’Brien Quartet
August 4 2013 @ Cause
Nathan Hanson // Saxophone
Pete Hennig // Drums
Ted Godbout // Keys
Casey O’Brien // Bass

Studio Examples:

More studio work here: